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Version 4.8.0

New Features

Improvements and Fixes

  • Accessibility Improvements
    • Interactive Transcript (formerly Caption Search)
      • Improved UI which includes ability to download transcript
    • Keyboard Accessibility improvements
    • HTML modifications for improved accessibility
    • Improved screen reader support
  • Image Gallery redesign
    • Support for download of gallery images
  • Logging improvements
    • Improved Logging UI and log entry message details
  • LTI Chooser
  • License UI consolidation
  • Addition of Content Security support for JavaScript embeds
  • Automatic Sync refactoring to improve request handling
  • Moved Service application settings to database
  • Various SQL performance improvements
  • Backend support for Caption localization
  • Portal and Media Library loading performance improvements


Hotfix 1

  • Database fix for Workflow properties
  • Fix for dual fixed iFrame embed