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Version 4.9.0

New Features

  • Beta support for 360 videos

Improvements and Fixes

  • Reporting performance improvements
  • Database performance improvements
  • Accessibility improvements in the Player and Portal interfaces (player version 8.3.0+)
  • Content Sharing UI and usability improvements
  • Windows Ensemble Anthem version upgrade to 2.6.0
    • Contains fix for issue causing Anthem to freeze during mixing
  • JW Player version 8.3.0 with optional downgrade to 7.12.3
  • Automatic Captioning permissions fix


Hotfix 1

  • Fix for Live Streaming and Studio recordings processing

Hotfix 2

  • Fix for iTunes RSS feed loading performance

Hotfix 3

  • Fix to allow passwords w/ leading/trailing whitespace
  • Fix to handle additional query params sent by Blackboard for Playlist permalinks in Blackboard tool menu
  • Fix to handle date produced setting for Playlist permalinks