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Version 5.3.0

New Features

  • Dropbox Improvements
  • Global Search
  • Interactive Transcript Language Link/Unlink
  • Italian Language Support
  • Media Library Portals
  • Network Camera Support
  • Notifications
  • Video Quiz Options Added
  • Ensemble Video Transcoder


Hotfix 1

  • Fix for Quiz notification for anonymous user
  • Reporting - Date Range picker is displaying wrong values after selection

Hotfix 2

  • Quiz instructions has a misspelled word
  • Fix for Dropbox submission notifications
  • Fix for multiple notification if Zoom recording cannot be downloaded
  • Fix for displaying Portal links if Social Sharing security is disabled
  • Fix for Service CPU usage
  • Fix for JavaScript support in Branding

Hotfix 3

  • Fix for Anthem License validation
  • Additional CPU usage optimization

Hotfix 4

  • Added Closed Captions and Audio Description notifications
  • Removed E-mail validation on Login field under Email configuration
  • Automatic Captions API upgrade

Hotfix 5

  • Fix for queue limit per session

Hotfix 6

  • Fixed regression blocking auto-provisioning of LDAP accounts

Hotfix 7

  • Added configurable Input A Source field for Studio LCS configuration setup
  • RTPS camera timeout increased to 30 seconds
  • Reporting performance improvements

Hotfix 8

  • Fix for Ingest, Live Stream, Live Capture and Studio content transcoding

Hotfix 9

  • Fix for dual content quality selection button appearance
  • Performance improvement for Media Library loading
  • Audio Description fix

Hotfix 10

  • Fix for portal user publishing for dual content
  • Fix for API configuration

Hotfix 11

  • Fix for Restricted streaming where multiple users are trying to play limited content
  • Fix for Youtube reporting
  • Fix for permalink load with permalink length of 22 characters