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Version 5.4.0

New Features

  • New Playlist Templates
  • Visual Un-publishing
  • Chrome Extension integrated into the Ensemble Video Dropbox
  • Video Quizzes and Dropboxes Integrated into the Blackboard Gradebook
  • SharePoint Web Part Integration


  • Playlist Redesign
  • Email Notifications* Content Delete/Undelete Notifications* Zoom & WebEx Integration User Interface Improvements


Hotfix 1

  • Expirable link expiration for launch link when web address or password restriction is set on resource (Content, Playlist, Dropbox)
  • Restrictions fixes for portal and playlist
  • YouTube refreshing data to meet YouTube policy
  • Fixed broken provision rule ordering
  • Fix to add user to existing library rather than failing provisioning if user library already exists
  • Fixed LTI playlist link item launch to properly render responsive video
  • Fix quiz result time to respect user timezone preference
  • LTI chooser update to resolve issue rendering upload control