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* Changes to the player for auto-buffering
* Changes to the player for auto-buffering
* Additional control under Organizations to turn auto-buffering on or off
* Additional control under Organizations to turn auto-buffering on or off
== Version 3.6.4 ==
==== Improvements and Fixes ====
* Modifications to make watch directory processing more efficient
* Adding default LDAP properties back into form fields
* General re-factoring (permalinks)* Identity provider and user provisioning fixes
* Fixed security issue found when cancelling a transfer
* Fixed sorting by title in plugin (didn't work after the first sort)
== Version 3.6.3 ==
==== Improvements and Fixes ====
* LDAP Improvements and Simplification
* Logout/Session issues fixed
* Fixed alpha ordering in organization list for organization administrators
* General fixes in new Institutional Settings area
* Fix to HTML5 Player on iOS
* Show Permalink for playlist even if secured
* HTML Sanitization
* Fixed issue when downloads from Media Library time out
* Shibboleth configuration improvements
==== Integrations ====
* Released new plugins for Moodle
== Version 3.6.2 ==
==== Improvements and Fixes ====
* Installer fixes (overwriting existing files)
* Fix for Temporary Data Path Auto Cleaning
<br />
== Version 3.6.1 ==
==== Improvements and Fixes ====
* Automatic Sync Transfer fixed
* LDAP Fix
== Version 3.6.0 ==
==== New Features ====
* Clip a Video (Start/End Point)
* Full Branding of the User Interface
* Short Link (Permalink) for Video or Playlist
* Social Media Platform Integrations
* Viewing Rights Based on LDAP Group or Ensemble Account
* IP Address Viewing Restrictions
* Quota Settings for Organizations and Libraries
* Multiple Portals per Customer
* Institution Settings Interface
* Video Playlist, Showcase, Video Landing Page Re-Design
==== Integrations ====
* Desire2Learn Plugin
* Canvas Tool
* Moodle Plugin
* Crestron FusionRV and CaptureHD Integration
==== Improvements and Fixes ====
* Database speed improvements which affect many areas of the application, API, and Plugin
* Re-Design of the Ensemble Video Service using Worker Processes to execute tasks

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The change log lists changes in each version of Ensemble Video. They include new features, bug fixes, and other enhancements.

Version 3.7.2 (Current)

New Features

  • Bulk upload tool

Improvements and Fixes

  • IP -> Geo API fix for Reporting/Analytics
  • Ability to enable/disable social tools at the institution level

Version 3.7.1

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fix for no URL in address bar when using the "Preview" button in Library or Wizard.
  • Fix for "List All" link in plugin spanning two lines, when it should only be on one line.
  • Updated the Ensemble Video Archive Utility
  • Fix for when doing a user search in Internet Explorer, the results were displayed in the top, left hand corner of the browser window and not below the search box.

Version 3.7.0

New Features

  • Reporting/Analytics

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fix for breaking Link assets after 3.6 update
  • Fix for missing thumbnails in media library and plugin after 3.6 update
  • Fix for social tools in media library causing modal window to no load
  • Fix for quotas. User can edit existing titles with larger files even if the quota has filled up
  • Fix for player not loading in portal after a video under a specific category was selected
  • Fix that broke editing for the Editor role for titles that weren't published
  • Fix for downloading files with commas in them; HTTP header 'content-disposition' needs to be in quotes
  • Fix for validation in the comments section of the portal
  • Update to PLUpload component
  • Update versions of Prototype and JQuery frameworks
  • Add preferred TimeZone to the user profile page
  • Changes to the player for auto-buffering
  • Additional control under Organizations to turn auto-buffering on or off

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