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(Version 3.5 (Current))
(Version 3.5 (Current))
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== Version 3.5 (Current) ==
== Version 3.5 (Current) ==
==== New Features ====
==== New Features ====

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Version 3.5 (Current)

New Features

  • Media Download
  • New Uploader with Support for Mobile Devices
  • Echo360 Integration
  • Wowza Restricted Streaming
  • Portal Configuration through the UI
  • Support for Album Artwork in iTunes Feeds
  • Support for MP4 Embedded Captions
  • Support for ".ts" Content Type
  • "AudioPreviewImage" Option in the "Install Plug-in" Page


  • Disabled Check for Unique Directories in "Media Source Templates"
  • YouTube Settings Save the Entered YouTube Password
  • Credits and Description Combined in the Wizard
  • License Validation Moved to the the Service
  • All Media Workflow and Templates Max Upload Size Set to 12GB
  • Change "Title" in Dropbox to "Content Title"

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