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==== Bug Fixes ====
==== Bug Fixes ====
* Fix for Android Streaming
* Fix for Android Streaming playback
* Fix for iPod touch (iOS 7)
* Fix for iPod touch playback (iOS 7)
* Fix for uploader on iPad (iOS 7)
* Fix for uploader on iPad (iOS 7)

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The change log lists changes in each version of Ensemble Video. They include new features, bug fixes, and other enhancements.

Revision 3.5.5 (Current)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Android Streaming playback
  • Fix for iPod touch playback (iOS 7)
  • Fix for uploader on iPad (iOS 7)

Revision 3.5.4 (Current)

Bug Fixes

  • Issue with YouTube Account Validation and Upload (#2305)
  • HTML Formatting in "Featured" and "Recent" Text in the Portal (#2317)
  • Issue with Attachment Titles (#2356)
  • Issue with Deleting Assets (#2361)


  • Implement API Security Patch (#2225)

Revision 3.5.3

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixes and modifications to the Ensemble iTunes feed
  • Addressed Ensemble truncated portal title
  • Line breaks are converted to HTML in Description field in Add/Edit wizard
  • Fixed the "Allow Download" checkbox bug when creating a playlist
  • Fixed the “Default” Media Source Template not working with auto-creating multiple Media Sources
  • Addressed issues with styling, spaces, and escaping XML in uploaded caption files
  • Fixed media playback when media directory has special characters like period “.”
  • Addressed the issue with Max Media Upload setting for Org Admin
  • Fix problem with deleted Authentication Sources showing up when going to add a new user

Version 3.5

New Features

  • Media Download
  • New Uploader with Support for Mobile Devices
  • Echo360 Integration
  • Wowza Restricted Streaming
  • Portal Configuration through the UI
  • Support for Album Artwork in iTunes Feeds
  • Support for MP4 Embedded Captions
  • Support for ".ts" Content Type
  • "AudioPreviewImage" Option in the "Install Plug-in" Page


  • Disabled Check for Unique Directories in "Media Source Templates"
  • YouTube Settings Save the Entered YouTube Password
  • Credits and Description Combined in the Wizard
  • License Validation Moved to the the Service
  • All Media Workflow and Templates Max Upload Size Set to 12GB
  • Change "Title" in Dropbox to "Content Title"

Addressed Issues

  • Save and Continue Button Not Working in IE9
  • CSV Export in Reports Truncates Names
  • Auto-Folder Creation Removing Special Chars
  • Google+ Promoting Doesn't Work
  • Issue with Date 2 Days Ago Display as "Yesterday"
  • Session Issues when using "Remember Me" option
  • Downloading Application File Logs Appending Extra Data
  • Library and Organization Dropdowns not Soring Alphabetically
  • Editing Media Settings in "Manage Content"
  • Reports Not Sorting/Paging/Downloading on Initial Load
  • Audio Files Require Two Clicks to Play
  • Multiple Default Media when Adding Media
  • Fix Issue with MP3 not Playing when MP4 Exists
  • Thumbnails Not Generated for PSD and SVG

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