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== Overview ==
The change log lists changes in [[Previous_Versions | each version]] of Ensemble Video. They include new features, bug fixes, and other enhancements.
== Version 4.0.0 (Current) ==
==== New Features ====
* Responsive redesign of Ensemble Video user interface
* Ability to bulk delete content
* New grid layout option for browsing content
* Ability to display more than 10 results per page when browsing content
* Searchable Institution, Organization and Library dropdowns
* Ability to optionally copy annotations when copying content
==== Improvements and Fixes ====
* Fix for ABR streaming when encodings are deleted
* Enhancement for “Show Featured Category” portal functionality
* Enhancement for reporting exceptions handling
* Hide "Private" section in Portal when no private content is available
* Fix for issue when adding Portal channel restrictions
* Fix for adding more than 10 channels to a Portal
* Fix for rendering of Mp3 content without a preview image
* Removed playback speed control buttons for IOS devices in JW Player (not supported)
* Fixed Flowplayer playback issue on Firefox
* Fix for Portal displaying deleted content
* Added “PC Only” label to Auto Play embed and permalink options (not supported on mobile devices)
* Misc fixes for IE 8
* Fix for missing Link option in player menu
* Removed "Powered By" logo
* Reporting UI fixes
* Additional fixes for reusable permalinks
* Fix to automatically select appropriate organization in Workflow Templates; path fixes for trailing slashes
* Removed wizard logo from Branding
== Version 3.12.0 ==
==== New Features ====
* JW Player support
* JW Player HTML5 player support for iOS and Android
* JW Player responsive embeds for media and playlists
* Additional individual embed code options
* Ability to disable "Remember Me" option for the installation
* Support for EnsembleLive encoder
* Wowza stream url security
==== Improvements and Fixes ====
* Addition of Wowza administrator credentials validation for Live Stream/Capture workflows
* MPlayer version update and configuration change to wait for keyframe when generating thumbnails
* Fix to hide Shared Library tab when sharing is disabled
* Fix to prevent Dropbox file upload if Dropbox is disabled after Dropbox page is fully loaded
* Fix for calendar on publishing page
* Workflow template fix to preserve organization selection
* Permalink UI fixes
* Fix to allow modification and reuse of Permalink
* Fixed broken Add Files button for attachments/images in Manage Content when using IE9
* Fixed scrolling issue when previewing content on iPad
<br />
== Version 3.11.0 ==
==== New Features ====
* Playlist custom ordering
* CDN support for live streaming
* Live streaming limiting of concurrent players
* Additional metadata for individual permalink (Copyright, Genre, Credits, Statistics under About Tab)
==== Improvements and Fixes ====
* YouTube backend rewrite and support for v3 API
* Fix for 'mp4' formatted content streaming
* Fix for old workflow templates
* Fix for live streaming temp folder (UNC path)
* Fix for Web publishing - secured playlist login
* Fix to prevent download of content from individual permalink if user is not authorized to view the content
* Application and wizard logo tooltip fixes
* Fix for illegal characters in content metadata (illegal character, e.g. double quotes, within metadata caused page not to load)
* Fix for Invalid workflow paths due to long organization name
* Fixes to prevent repeat processing of watch entries with very long file name
<br />
== Version 3.10.0 ==
==== New Features ====
* Live Streaming
* Zencoder integration
==== Improvements and Fixes ====
* LTI tool support for audio uploads/embeds
* Fixed issue with Crestron/Techsmith workflow preprocessor failing over UNC paths
* Fix for potential LDAP cache corruption
* Fix for regression in ProMedia audio preset parsing* Fix for Watch directory XML processing
* Stopgap measures to prevent YouTube upload queue from backing up and YouTube uploads stuck with processing status
* Permalinks permissions/restriction fixes
* Plupload configuration tweak to retry failed chunks
* Reporting UI table alignment fixes* Reporting processing improvements
<br />
== Version 3.9.1 ==
==== New Features ====
* Support for Winnov content
* Permalink publishing options
==== Improvements and Fixes ====
* Fixed word breaking in playlist content titles
* Content trimming fixes for UNC paths and watch directories
* Removed file extension from title during bulk upload
* HLS streaming support for Android devices (> 4.4) running Chrome
* Optional LDAP user and user group query caching
* Optional User Bind Format configuration for LDAP (specifies DN or UPN format for immediate bind during authentication to reduce expensive user lookups)
* Reporting UI fixes
<br />
== Version 3.9.0 ==
==== New Features ====
* Portal enhancements
** Additional configuration options for Institution Administrators
** Additional portal styling options
** Support for multiple playlists (aka portal channels) with individual security restrictions
** Improved responsive design
==== Improvements and Fixes ====
* Support for paged searching of groups in LDAP Identity Providers
* Removed dependency on AddThis for social sharing
<br />
== Version 3.8.0 ==
==== New Features ====
* Integration with Sorenson Squeeze Server (Video Encoding Platform)
==== Improvements and Fixes ====
* Improved User Interface for Bulk Upload
<br />
== Version 3.7.2 ==
==== New Features ====
* Bulk upload tool
==== Improvements and Fixes ====
* IP -> Geo API fix for Reporting/Analytics
* Ability to enable/disable social tools at the institution level
* Fix bug with schedule trimming tasks not working on UNC paths
<br />
== Version 3.7.1 ==
==== Improvements and Fixes ====
* Fix for no URL in address bar when using the "Preview" button in Library or Wizard.
* Fix for "List All" link in plugin spanning two lines, when it should only be on one line.
* Updated the Ensemble Video Archive Utility
* Fix for when doing a user search in Internet Explorer, the results were displayed in the top, left hand corner of the browser window and not below the search box.
<br />
== Version 3.7.0 ==
==== New Features ====
* Reporting/Analytics
==== Improvements and Fixes ====
* Fix for breaking Link assets after 3.6 update
* Fix for missing thumbnails in media library and plugin after 3.6 update
* Fix for social tools in media library causing modal window to no load
* Fix for quotas. User can edit existing titles with larger files even if the quota has filled up
* Fix for player not loading in portal after a video under a specific category was selected
* Fix that broke editing for the Editor role for titles that weren't published
* Fix for downloading files with commas in them; HTTP header 'content-disposition' needs to be in quotes
* Fix for validation in the comments section of the portal
* Update to PLUpload component
* Update versions of Prototype and JQuery frameworks
* Add preferred TimeZone to the user profile page
* Changes to the player for auto-buffering
* Additional control under Organizations to turn auto-buffering on or off
== [[Previous_Versions | Previous Versions ]] ==
* [[Previous_Versions#3_6 | Version 3.6]]
* [[Previous_Versions#3_5 | Version 3.5]]
* [[Previous_Versions#3_4 | Version 3.4]]
* [[Previous_Versions#3_3 | Version 3.3]]
* [[Previous_Versions#3_2 | Version 3.2]]
* [[Previous_Versions#3_1 | Version 3.1]]

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