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This category and pages within it are out of date. For recent documentation and support, visit the Ensemble Video Support site.

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This section will help in the preparation and installation of Ensemble Video and it's components. It goes over pre-requisite software and settings for the Ensemble web application, Wowza Media Server, and Rhozet ProMedia Carbon encoding server.

Server Pre-requisites

All the stuff you need to prep your server(s). This section contains configuration for Windows options, the .NET Framework, etc...

Wowza Media Server

Setup your streaming server with ease. This section includes links for installation, and also links to some advanced configuration options.

Rhozet ProMedia Carbon

A step by step guide with downloads for installing the Rhozet ProMedia Carbon Coder server. This guide also contains a presets package and instructions for installing them.

SQL Server Setup

Prepare SQL server for installation and use for Ensemble Video.

Ensemble Video

Installing the Ensemble Video System.