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Media Sources are the glue between Ensemble and your media server. They determine whether files are uploaded or dropped into a directory to be ingested. They also contain information about how the video will be encoded for playback.

Upload Directories

Upload directories are the most common. They are setup, usually as a template, and then created at the same time as the library. Media gets to the folder by uploading through the Ensemble Web Application. It is then processed by the Ensemble Service according to the rules of the media source (what preset, where does it go on the media server).

Watch Directories

Watch Directories are monitored by the Ensemble Service on a timed interval, and ingest any media that is new (since the last time the service ran). As you may expect, if you remove media from this directory/folder, it will be removed from the corresponding library in the Ensemble Video Application. Watch directories can also consume XML files with pre-defined metadata for your video. There are Shadow Files, that are less complex and like-named to the media. And Full XML Files, which contain all information for the ingestion of media, assets, and all other metadata.

Media Source Templates

Templates make it easy to create one or more media sources automatically when creating a library. You are able to define different types of sources with different encoding profiles and they can automatically be given to each new library in that organization. These are very powerful and can save a lot of time when set up.

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