Installing on Windows 2008 Server

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  • Updates - Apply all Windows updates
  • .NET - Install .NET Framework with service packs
  • “Desktop Experience” - Needed if Carbon Coder will be used
  • "Web Server" role
  • "Application Server" role with the following services:
    • Default Requirements
    • Default Installation Selection
    • Web Server (IIS) Support
    • IIS6 Management Compatibility

SQL Server Setup and Configuration

  • SQL Server should be on the same server or the same network
  • The following SQL Server protocols should be enabled:
    • TCP/IP, listening on port 1433
    • Named Pipes
  • SQL Server authentication needs to be enabled
  • CLR integration needs to be enabled
  • The "SQL Server Browser" service should be enabled and started

Installation Settings

  • "Application Pool" should be set to "Classic .NET AppPool"