Installing with Connection to Existing Database

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  1. Your SQL server team creates an empty database and SQL server login. The login has to have public permissions to the "master" database, so when installing, the installer can find the database to connect to (your SQL server folks should know what this means).
  2. Run the Ensemble Video installer. Once you get to the database setup portion, hit "Ctrl-F1" and you will see a third option called "Connect to Existing Database". Pick that, enter the MS-SQL server user, and select the existing database. This will setup the application to connect to the existing database.
  3. The database scripts that the installer executes are installed in the Program Files\Symphony Video, Inc.\Setup\Database Scripts, so your SQL folks can execute them against the created database. The only drawback is that the current database scripts have a base 1.0 script, then about 50 or more 2.0 scripts and a whole bunch of updates. This is done so updates are handled properly. However, I can provide a unified script that creates everything.
  4. Once the database scripts have run, set up the first organization by going to the setup wizard at http://path/to/ensembleVideo/app/setup