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The simple publishing API is a REST-based web service for retrieving data from the Ensemble Video application. It is inteded to be used by third party web sites and services to interact with the Ensemble Video application. The API can return data in three different formats: [http://www.w3.org/XML/|XML] and [http://json.org/|JSON] (Java Script Object Notation), JSONP (implementation of JSON that allows cross-domain data transfer - v3.2.1 and above). You can use any programming language that supports XML/HTTP transfer and can parse either XML or JSON. The first version of the API supports several features:
*Listing videos in a particular web destination: This includes video metadata and thumnails so that video lists can be created and published on an external web sites.
*Showing invidividual video information: This includes all video metadata, video encodings, previews/thumnails, attachments, links, credits, etc.
*Listing categories in a particular web destination: This includes information related to each category in a particular web site.
*Extensive parameters to query and filter the data to be returned
Since the API implements the REST protocol, our API calls follow typical REST conventions. This includes the REST verbs (list, show,add,edit). The most recent version of the API supports the "list" and "show" verbs only:
*List - used to list get a list of records such as listing of videos in a web destination
*Show - used to get an individual record such an single video
A REST procedure call is a very structured HTTP call that will return the type of object specified in the call. Below are the parts of an API call and an example that returns the XML for all videos in a web desination:
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'''MediaWiki has been successfully installed.'''

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