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The service monitors video sources defined as watch directories through the application and synchronizes the contents of those directories with the application. By default, monitoring for changes typically occurs every 45 seconds.

The rules for processing files inside a "Watch Directory" are:

  • The watch directory media source must be enabled in the application
  • The content type must exist under the "Content Types" administrative page
  • Any XML files in the directory will be treated as meta data "shadow" file with or without media file present
  • Thumbnails will be generated for each media file unless the "generateThumbnails" flag is set to false for the particular content type. If the flag is false, then generic images will be used for the thumbnail and preview image

Importing Media Without a Shadow File

  • Adding a media file will create a new content with the file as the media
  • Deleting a media file will delete the content record and mark the video as deleted
  • Renaming a media file will create new content with the file as the media, delete the old media and mark the old content as deleted. This is a two step process with the media and content being deleted first and the media being re-imported the next time the watch directory is processed.
  • Updating a media file can have three distinct effects:
    • If the media file is the same file with the same extension, nothing will happen
    • If the media file has a different extension, the content meta data will be updated, new media added and preview/thumbnail images regenerated from the new media
    • If the media file is a different file with the same extension, the content meta data and the existing media will be updated from the new media file

Using Classic Shadow Files

Using Full Shadow Files

Watch Directory Filters for Media Types